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Our ambassadors

Robyn Moore

You may not know Robyn Moore’s name but her voice has been heard in most homes in Australia. For 40+ years, Robyn has been changing peoples’ perception through “the power of the word” as an educator, a Voice-Over Artist and as a Speaker.

She has sold millions of dollars’ worth of products in TV and Radio ads, entertained millions of people as all female voices in Australia’s longest running radio show “How Green Was My Cactus”…and enchanted generations of children as the voice of the iconic animated TV character “Blinky Bill”. She is also one of Australia’s most in-demand speakers at National and International Conferences and Events.

Robyn has a unique relationship with words and weaves together humour, powerful stories and insightful distinctions in her “tailored” presentations, to create an experience you’ll never forget. People often describe her highly entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking presentations as “Life-Altering”…both professionally and personally.

Robyn is a National Patron of Make-A-Wish Australia, an Australia Day Ambassador for the Australia Day Council and the Australian Childhood Foundation and is delighted, as a breast cancer survivor, to have been invited to be an Ambassador for Dragons Abreast Australia.

My “TO DO” list NEVER mentioned cancer because it was not in our family, I had breast fed both my children and I had an upbeat attitude to life. Imagine my surprise when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2009. Thanks to my regular check-ups with Breast-Screen Tasmania, my lump was detected early and I only required a Lumpectomy and 38 radiation treatments. I am now 4 years clear and am passionate about early detection through breast examination and screening. 

Given my cathartic journey, I was thrilled to be invited to speak at the 2015 “Dragons Abreast Australia” Conference Dinner. We all connected instantly on the night (I even discovered old friends in the audience) and I was immediately enrolled in everyone’s enthusiasm, energy and zest for life. There was instant simpatico…as we were all kindred spirits through our experience. That night we shared stories that made us laugh and cry and we celebrated loudly “the gift of life”…and we solemnly appreciated “the fragility of life!” 

I left profoundly affected by the experience (with everyone in my heart)…and was deeply moved to be asked afterwards if I would consider being an Ambassador for DAA. No…I will not be paddling but I can serve this wonderful organisation and its members by spreading the word about DAA so that others can support (and be supported by) these outstanding people who are BEING “bigger than the circumstances

Robyn Moore

Dr Kellie Toohey

Over the last two decades Kellie Toohey has dedicated much of her professional life to improving the lives of others through exercise. Kellie’s experience with exercise oncology began in early 2000’s while working in a gym when one of her clients told her that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

At this time women with breast cancer were being told by the medical profession not to exercise and to be very careful, and this case was no different. Both Kellie and her client decided that they would continue to work together in the gym and adjust as needed, this was the best decision according to the client who came out of surgery and treatment very well.

From this moment Kellie wanted to know more and used the next 13 years to do just that, continuing to work with exercise with people diagnosed with cancer and doing research in this area. Kellie is now an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Clinical Assistant Professor (Exercise Physiology) at the University of Canberra who has dedicated her research life to improve the quality of life of those diagnosed with Cancer. Kellie’s research thesis was dedicated to Dragon’s Abreast and below is the dedication.


This thesis is dedicated to Dragons Abreast – pioneers in improving the lives of those diagnosed with cancer through exercise, challenging medical thinking.


It takes the dedication and effort from many people to be able to complete a PhD part-time over four and a half years. Therefore, I would like to acknowledge the many people who have contributed to the growth of making this thesis a reality. Firstly, to my dear friends from Dragons Abreast ACT, the late Anna Wellings Booth OAM and Bea Brickhill, thank you for igniting the fire in my heart to want to do more for cancer survivors, this work is dedicated to you.

Kellie Toohey is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with a PhD in Exercise Oncology and master’s degree in clinical Exercise Physiology. Clinically active as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and researcher across many populations with a keen interest in rehabilitation, Kellie’s PhD investigated the Effects of Exercise Intensity on Health Outcomes and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Cancer Survivors.

I am absolutely over the moon and deeply moved to be asked to be an ambassador for such an incredible organisation. I see everyday the life changing experience that exercise (including paddling) gives to people diagnosed with breast cancer. The support that DAA and its members provides for people going through this journey is incredible. I feel very blessed to have witnessed the lifelong friendships and support systems that have been created. I am excited to be spreading the word about DAA, to increase support so that more people can experience this life changing organisation.

Dr Kellie Toohey