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About DAA

Who are we?

Founded over 20 years ago on the principles of participation, awareness and inclusiveness, Dragons Abreast Australia is a national charity with groups spread across the country and a membership of over 1200 individuals, the majority of whom are breast cancer survivors.

Once breast cancer surgery is over and treatment has finished, survivors are often left on their own, facing the sometimes daunting task of rebuilding their health, their fitness, and their lives. This is where Dragons Abreast Australia comes in.

Dragons Abreast provides an understanding network for survivors who participate in the sport of dragon boat paddling. It has been medically proven that paddling helps improve health after treatment. Not only are there physical benefits but dragon boat paddling is an activity that draws out the innate qualities of breast cancer survivors – hope, inspiration, excitement and determination to beat a dreaded disease faced by millions of women and men (yes, men get breast cancer too) around the world.

Being able to paddle and socialise in the company of others who have travelled the same path helps to restore the confidence, the spark and the sense of adventure needed to permit a full and active life after treatment.

Our hope is that one day we won’t need an organisation such as ours because there will be a cure for breast cancer. Until then we will continue to paddle and live life to the full, every day.

Join us today and share in the wonderful experience that is Dragons Abreast Australia.

How do you get involved?

We always welcome new groups too and if you are interested in starting one in your area please contact us.

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